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Hi and welcome to my homepage!

My name is Eva-Tone Svindland.
I have had birmans since 1993, and I got my cattery prefix (N)Tonefjellet's registered in 1994.

I live in Norway and are a member of NRR and FIFĂ©.

It has been some years since i showed my cats on a show. I have chosen to have a closed cattery.

At the moment I have 6 birmans living with me, and a dog by the breed
Great Dane. His name is
Lloyd Willners Roadrunner.
Nero among friends.

I have a few litters every year.
To get a kitten from me I prefere personal contact. It's ok to write me an e-mail telling me a litle about your self for a start. But i don't ship a cat as cargo.
The new owner must come and pick it up at my home.

My cats lives with us as members of the family. They get spoled and cuddled with, as a cat should be.

Delightful Darsi av
Ontario & (N)Tonefjellet's U Know Who